"Deep in the beginnings of American Interest in Ferrari and hot rods, dating back to the fifties and sixties, you'll find Kirk White's fingerprints all over many of the most important cars, often more than once..."

John Mozart
"In every person's life there is a turning point of clarification. Mine came when I was 14 years old with the purchase of my first hot rod. In Kirk  F. White's memoir "Don't Wash Mine", I relived the day that  set me on my chosen path. In "Don't Wash Mine" Kirk has brilliantly articulated what the heart and soul of car culture is genuinely about" 

Pete Chapouris  - President, SO-CAL Speed Shop 
Kirk is really, really old, or wise beyond his years He was into Stuff well before the rest of us even figured it out!!! He was racing in the BIG Leagues, auctioning significant cars and collecting rare automobilia while I could only read about it in Road & Track or Hot Rod magazine . .  he was doing it !!! Kirk is one of the most  knowledgeable and entertaining  friends in my life!!!" 

Bruce Meyer, 
America's most "generous" automobile enthusiast . . .
"Kirk has an amazing eye for quality & detail. While others were thinking about it Kirk was already there. He has had his hands on great cars and has been shoulder to shoulder with  legends of the automotive world. Kirks legacy transcends.

Glenn Mounger - “Chairman Emeritus of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance
"Kirk White is simply a great storyteller. His adventures in racing and in the old car hobby are a terrific read"

Ken Gross, Author
By: Kirk F. White 
Copyright © Kirk F. White  "Don't Wash Mine" 2/2/2016

Kirk F. White and his mascot Leonard in his tent at Hershey. This beautiful, crazy, beloved man, father of five, author of DontWashMine.com, former owner and campaigner of the Penske/White Sunoco Ferrari 512M and the Cannonball Ferrari Daytona, hot rodder extraordinaire, passed away peacefully on March 20. His generous nature, his love of automobile lore and of all of those who shared it with him will be missed terribly.  The memory of all those wonderful times will live on in his online blog and in the future book.  You all made his life special, with the best memories, and we thank you for that.

One of Kirk’s cherished friends has written: “Kirk has always been my pole star in living a life based on the notion that it’s inevitable that we grow older, but that doesn’t mean that we have to grow up.”   That perfectly describes our Kirk.

Our love:  Marilyn, Mandy, Libby, Geoffey, Chris,Trip and Caroline.